Reckless Love

Reckless means to perform actions without thinking and not caring about the consequences of the actions. So for love to be reckless, it means loving without boundaries and conditions.

The song "Reckless Love" describes the love of Christ this way because He literally didn't let anything stop Him from demonstrating His love for us on the cross. I believe that if we are TRULY called to serve in the capacity of operating in our area of business, we should have the same mentality.

Once you establish your audience, and the NEED for your product or services you can't let anything or anyone stop you from providing it. Some may call it reckless, but it's OK! No opposition. Not a decline from an investor. Not a decline from a potential business partner. Nothing should stop you from meeting the needs of your target market. Now of course, you don't do things that would cause you to break the law, lol. But the passion and love for serving your people should make you go 10x harder than you've ever gone before!

Love your business and your audience, recklessly!

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