Commitment Issues

February 1, 2019 marked a year since I introduced Anderson Advisory Services to the world. Over that year, I’ve gained clients and made connections but commitment hasn’t been the easiest thing. Sometimes I didn’t feel like doing the very thing that makes me happy because of being overwhelmed, and feeling pressure to “perform well”. Other times, life just got in the way so my commitment was eventually broken. I actually ended up being committed to the familiar habits of procrastination and stubbornness.

Regardless of all of this, isn’t it beautiful that God didn’t see fit to break his commitment to me? He still chose to love me and hang in there with me through the season of a drought, and He restored me to a greater place of productivity. With encouragement from His word, and continuous support from family and friends I was able to gather my strength to restore my commitment to the vision of Anderson Advisory Services.

How could I help people stay committed to their visions, if I wasn’t being willing to stay committed to my own?

It will get tough. You may find yourself discouraged. But please know that commitment is a vital ingredient to push your vision to its full potential.

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